WizcheQ is a web quality validator that enables automated testing of websites for accessibility, W3C and GIGW standards compliance and also checks for website best practices including device check, SEO, broken links and spell check.

The validator helps Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Managers and Regulators to measure and monitor web quality compliance and thus contribute towards building a truly inclusive digital world.

WizcheQ - our award winning web quality validator started as an internal project to ensure that websites we built for Clients meet web quality and accessibility standards. It provides an interesting visual display of accessibility and other errors - marking where the errors are and highlighting what needs to be changed. There is thus learning embedded in the whole process of quality validation - we believe this will build greater consciousness and compliance of standards and more responsible usage of digital resources.

You can test 5 pages of any websites at no cost. A paid subscription enables full website testing.


With ICT becoming increasingly integrated and embedded in the way information and services are accessed and delivered it becomes important to ensure that persons with disabilities and limited access to bandwidth are able to use web technologies easily without a dilution in experience. Websites and Applications that are not designed with web quality in mind, not only create barriers for those with disabilities, but also compromise the usability of the site or App by all users in general.

Often a vast majority of the accessibility obstacles on the web are the result of a lack of awareness, oversight or negligence, rather than technological limitations. A greater awareness of the obstacles being unintentionally placed by web developers and website owners, guidance in making websites accessibility and quality compliant and validators such as WizcheQ that measure and monitor standards compliance will help to remove these barriers and ensure that the web becomes truly inclusive.